Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DealsMaker's Program: Wordpress Theme Creator

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Posted on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 18:32
Author: DealsMaker
Subject: DealsMaker's Program: Wordpress Theme Creator


Dear All,

Sorry, coz I don't have enough time to update my thread,
I wish I have more time to share my experiences with all of you, but I have some priorities in my real life. So, I decide to create this program for you.

If you have either web design skill or wordpress developer, and you want to improve your skill by selling wordpress theme in any theme marketplace, this is your chance. I will help you and guide you to sell your first wordpress themes. Note: you don't need to be an expert to join this program, as long as you can show me that you have strong will, then you have a chance.

For the first batch, I will choose 5-10 persons from everyone who register by replying this thread using this format:


Name: ...
Age: ...
Web Design Skill (PSD,CSS): poor/moderate/good/excellent
Web Developer Skill (HTML,PHP,CSS,JQUERY): poor/moderate/good/excellent
Wordpress Skill: poor/moderate/good/excellent
Have you ever created a wordpress theme? yes/no
Have you ever created a wordpress plugin? yes/no
Your earning goal/month: USD...
Short Essay, tell me why do you want to join this program: ...

I will use online conference method using Yahoo Messenger. Teamviewer is optional, I will use it when I need it. Private forum will be available later.

Is it Free? Yes, of course, I don't have any plan to sell anything on Ads-ID... Not at all...

Is it for Newbie? Yes, I am also a newbie.

How long? Until you can sell your first wordpress theme under this program, or until I give up on you... Once you are graduated from this program, you have to share your experience in my previous thread,

For momod, if this program is not allowed here, please send me to the Pluto...

Note: maaf pake bahasa Inggris, bahasa Inggris saya nggak bagus, tapi minimal klo mau jualan theme di luar negeri sono ya harus pake bahasa Inggris, nggak mungkin pake bahasa isyarat...

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