Friday, April 12, 2013

hawkhost main suspended!!!

Feed: Arsip
Posted on: Saturday, April 13, 2013 08:51
Subject: hawkhost main suspended!!!


Pagi mastah, kesal bgt nih sm hawkhost baru bgn pagi udh ada email yg menyatakan hosting ane disable karena melanggar aturan. Yang aneh ny dibilang spam yg saya sendiri gk ada ganggu2 tuh hosting, cm td malam upload bing verifikasi. Apakah ada virus atau semacamny? aneh bgt nih hawkhost, kesel CS jg gk online mesti email2.


Hawk Host Security has received the following spam complaint in reference to the domain d***** on your account p***** The account has been disabled for sending spam, which violates our TOS (hxxp:// and AUP (hxxp://

Your account will remain disabled until you reply to this ticket directly informing us you're ready to resolve the issue and clean up the account. If you're unable to resolve the issue, we recommend restoring a backup that you've kept or through R1Soft in cPanel. We thank you in advance for your quick action and cooperation.

ada yg prnah kejadian kek bgini?? aneh ny sya jg gk bs login k cpanel, gmn mau liat cpanel ny.

oiya, sebelumny udh sering kejadian ada yg cb2 susupin script aneh k web ane yg d**** (yg dicurigai spam). kejadianny gk sekali, tp berulang n ane trus hapus script (kyk inject gt masuk k index.php). Apakah keamanan hawkhos yg kurang? ada hosting yg recomended gk yg lainny? syg bgt tokoonline ane down gra hawkhost!!

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